How to make your own stamp!

May 29, 2019

I have been working with stamps and printmaking a lot recently so I thought it would be nice to share it so that if anyone else is interested they can also make their own stamps. This is a quick and easy, less messy way to get your children into doing something fun and crafty. Stamps are used everywhere and are a good way to leave your own mark somewhere. I'll show you how to make an easy stamp that can be made using things you already have at home. You could also make potato stamps but these ones last longer.


So what do you need?


For an easy stamp that can be made at home:


. Scissors

. Glue

. Foam sheets or sponges

. A small toy with a flat surface (I prefer wooden blocks)

. Ink pads (any colour you like)

. Something to stamp on of course


Here's the how


1. Draw around the toy you've chosen for the base of the stamp onto the foam sheet


2. Next design the stamp you want within that space so that you know it will fit


- Using simple shapes is good here for a repeat pattern or for a stamp you can mix with different ones to create a picture

- You can also make a very detailed design as your own signature stamp to leave your mark where you want.




Whatever design you make it it will come out reversed when you stamp it, like a mirror image, so if you are using letters remember to do them backwards!


3. Cut out your design carefully and glue it onto the base of your toy or brick. What for these to dry properly before you use them so that don's move or fall off


4. Once they are dry press your stamp into the ink pad and get stamping





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